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Why is IGCSE Tuition Important?

In Malaysia, schools employ various curriculum and examination boards. Each of them offers different syllabuses and subjects based on which a student’s results are assessed. Hence, it has become imperative to choose a curriculum that helps the students establish their skills, enhance abilities, and gain knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced world. One of the internationally recognised and English-based alternatives to secondary education in Malaysia is IGCSE. Students who want to achieve good grades opt for IGCSE tuition in Penang.

What Is IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a British curriculum, recognised in the UK and offered by the Cambridge Examination Board in many countries. IGCSE has a range of subjects to offer, over 70 subjects, for secondary school students. In Malaysia, many international schools might not have all the subjects, but a few of them.

Parents want their children to get the benefit of a program that has an English medium of instruction, recognised globally, and includes the British Curriculum; that is why they prefer the IGCSE program. IGCSE is not entirely an exam-based instructive course; it assesses students through several mediums of assessments, such as presentations, projects, practical assessments, and coursework. It prepares students for their career and advanced studies, and they get an opportunity to show their understanding and learning. After preparing for IGCSE, students can tackle various challenges and develop their skills.

Challenges IGCSE Pose

Along with the benefits, IGCSE also poses some challenges to the students. Due to these difficulties, students need to take IGCSE tuition in Penang for a better

understanding of the subject. Some of these challenges are: ·  Students find it difficult to focus on research and independent learning required in IGCSE · If

students switch to IGCSE after seven years, they will go through a lot of struggle to catch up with other students due to a weak foundation ·  Many Malaysian students may find the English medium of instruction hard to adapt to ·   Students have to take a minimum of seven subjects, and the more subjects they take, the

complex the learning will become

Importance of IGCSE Tuition in Penang

IGCSE tuition in Penang equips students with the necessary resources and helps them excel in their academics. It helps them gain a better understanding of the subjects, comprehend the topics, develop learning skills, and improve their confidence. With individualised attention, students are enabled to overcome all the challenges

of the IGCSE exam. Tuition facilitates students in building skills and helps them use the extra time to get the highest grades. Choose Home Tuition Malaysia At Home Tuition Malaysia, we have hired the most competent tutors for IGCSE tuition in Penang. We help students in tackling all the challenges and overcome

their weaknesses to get the highest grades. With our experienced IGCSE tutors, we will fulfil students’ all learning requirements.