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IGCSE is the globally recognized examination affiliated by Cambridge University, and it is equivalent to high school graduation in America. So, if you want to get admitted to a reputable university, IGCSE is crucial. All universities take into account your IGCSE grades for admission, and that is why you must work hard and ace your exams to qualify for the university you are aiming for.

Here we have discussed some tips that will help to improve your study pattern and score good grades. Read on and plan your exam preparations accordingly.

1.    Maintain A Timetable

First things first, maintain a timetable. Maintaining a timetable for your exam preparation is vital. Only you know what time is your most productive time of the day and which subjects need extra attention.

So, build your timetable diligently. Allocate more time to the subjects who need extra attention and less time to the subjects you feel confident in. Also, don’t forget to allocate some breaks between your studying schedules. Breaks are necessary; they refresh your mind, and you feel more focused after breaks.

2.    Identify Your Learning Style

Everyone has their own suitable learning style. Some might learn better when they are in the comfort of their homes, while some think a library is a better place to study. Only you know which style of learning is best for you. So, identifying and taking full advantage of your time and home tuition in Malaysia is your job. No one else would do that for you.

3.    Consider Taking Notes

You might feel that it is an easy topic, and you have fully grasped its concept. However, the mind is a complex creation; you might think that you will remember it later, but sometimes you would do, and sometimes you would not.

That is why we recommend you to take notes while taking a class at your school or taking IGCSE tuition Penang. This will not only help you in revisions but will also help you in memorizing difficult concepts.

4.    Practice

You might have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Well, no one can deny this fact. So, start practicing those past papers and get yourself accustomed to the exam pattern.

While notebook exercises are good to check your knowledge, past exam papers are the real deal. They will help you understand the exam pattern and make you familiar with the difficulty level of the questions.

You can easily find Cambridge IGCSE past papers online. Solve as many as possible and do it like you will do it in the exam hall with all the exam restrictions.

5.    Hire a Tutor From Home Tuition Malaysia

Lastly, if you lack any subject and feel you need extra attention and effort for that particular subject, hire a private tutor. A private tutor would identify your weaknesses and put in all the effort required to ace the exams.

So, if you want to hire a private tutor in Malaysia, contact Home Tuition Malaysia. We are the leading private tuition agency in Malaysia. All our tutors are highly qualified and possess years of experience.