Points To Consider While Choosing the Right Home Tuition

Home tuition is something really helpful for the parents wanting to provide their kids sound education. Actually, it is an additional supplement to the daily school based classroom education. In fact, private tuition is quite effective for all types of learner whether fast or slow. Fast learner gets additional boost sustaining their interest in studies and slow learners gets the help they actually need to improve their academics.

If you are in Malaysia then go for home tuition Penang as it is pocket friendly and perfect for students. Also, if you want to learn any other language like Chinese or Russian then go for certain language tuition to improve yourself. There is Chinese mandarin tuition that you can consider for learning Chinese language.

People think that home tuitions are expensive as it is an additional expense on the top of school fees expenditure. But in real it is a long term investment that assures you credibility and make you able to do a lot. However, you need to find the right home tuition and this is something not easy. There are several tutors out there providing tuition but all of those are not credible and reliable. There would be a lot of options and you need to find out best suitable for you.

For this, here are the points you should consider while choosing the right home tuition.

1.    Experience and Education of Tutor:

The tutor you are going to should have necessary education background with sound experience. In fact, they should have experience specific to the subject you need tuition in. This will assure you that your kid will get the high level education to achieve good academic performance.

2.    Transparent Procedure:

Home tuitions should be clear about their tutor recruitment and the way they teach. It is highly beneficial for the students. This gives the parents idea and let them judge if the tuition is ideal for their kid or not. Alongside this, parents should also know about the instructional methods getting used and the rationale for the methods. Also, the tuition center should offer the kids customize time frame to help them achieving their objectives. Also, it is crucial that the matter of cost going to be known earlier.

3.    Confidential:

While you are dealing with private tuition center, it is obvious that some confidential information gets into it that could be about the family or something. The tutor should must provide with confidentiality for such information and the place should be sound and safe for the kid too.

4.    Encouraging Attitude:

Any tutor you are choosing for your kid should have encouraging and motivating attitude. It is important for a tutor to keep the kid motivated. They should explain difficult topics and subjects in a way that is easy and uncomplicated for the kid and develop a positive relationship with the kid. The tuition teacher should know when to praise the kid and do not make him feel like failure.

5.    Affordable:

As tuition is an additional education cost so it should be affordable. You need to know your budget alongside the market prices and then begin your search for tutors. Do not go for the one who offers you the least rates as it could have the chance of low quality. Go for the one who is affordable and offers good quality tuition to your kid. And help your child in achieving certain educational objectives

Final Words:

These are a few points that you should must check on before enrolling your kid to a tuition center. The tuition should be beneficial and motivating, not burdensome for your kid at all.

Questions Everyone Ask About IGCSE

GSCE is an acronym for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Simply, it is a certificate that every students gets after the completion of their secondary school education. Most of the time students after completing their IGCSE moves further for taking their pre university studies. IGCSE is same as SPM but the only difference is that it is more recognized and accepted on an international levels.

However, in Malaysia, there are students who face difficulty to complete their IGCSE degree so they can consider IGCSE tuition Penang. Also, there is English tuition in KL for those people who face difficulty with this international language.

So this is something very basic about IGCSE, here are some more things everyone is curious to know about IGCSE.

1.    What is The Age Limit for Taking IGCSE?

Most of the candidates taking IGCSE exams are the students of secondary school 14 to 17 years. But, the best thing is that there is no age limit or restriction for these exams. Anyone can take these examinations even adults who want personal education.

2.    Is There Any Difference Between triple Science, Coordinated Science and Combines Science?

Yes there is difference in between these subjects and the major different is the number of certificated gives to each. Triple science provides three separate IGCSE certificates for each subject that is biology, chemistry and physics. Students study about each subject in detail and give separate exam for each so gets separate certificates.

Coordinated science is considered as a single subject but it still has double award qualification that is equals to two IGCSE certificates. Students still study the three sciences but in less depth.

Then comes combines science that is quite similar to coordinated science but only awards one IGCSE certificate. Students opted for coordinated or combined science only requires to give one examination that combines all three types of sciences in one exam.

3.    What is IGCSE Based on, Coursework or Exams?

Actually this depends on the school and subject both. Most of the subjects are entirely examination based but there are a few subjects that demands coursework. Such type of subjects are design and technology, art and design, drama, etc. Moreover, there are also some subjects that requires both exams alongside coursework.

Schools can also choose if they want to include coursework or not.

4.    What is The Minimum Number of Subjects Needed for IGCSE?

The minimum number of subjects to get an IGCSE is 5 and the maximum is 14. The number of subject the student chooses totally up to him. However, those subjects must include the core subjects that are science, Mathematics and English. Apart from the core subject, the student is free to choose any subject of his wish.

5.    What is ICE?

ICE is acronym for International Certificate for Education. It requires 7 subjects minimum to choose from 5 different groups. A students having this certificate shows that he is an all-rounder student.

The composition of ICE is;

  • 2 subjects from group 1
  • 1 subject from each group except 1
  • 7th subject from any group

6.    What Are The Groups Offered in Malaysian Schools?

These are 5 groups offered in Malaysian schools, which are;

  • Group 1: Languages
  • Group 2: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Group 3: Pure Sciences
  • Group 4: Mathematics
  • Group 5: Professional and creative

Final Words:

All in all, IGCSE is an important exam that every student should consider giving. It includes a great deal of subjects that students can choose from. If you are facing difficulty then join IGCSE tuition Penang in Malaysia.

How To Get Help for Your Assignment?

Assignment help is a great way of assistance to the students in difficult and challenging topics of assignment. Students these days have quite a busy schedule as they are incorporated with a lot of stuff like projects, exams, presentations, and then comes assignments. Including all this educational stuff, they have other mandatory things to do in their daily lives too. With such added pressure on the shoulders of students, they are not able to focus on everything and get 100% on each of their educational aspects.

Due to this, students do not score well and fail in exams. However, getting assignment help Malaysia is the solution as it is sure that they will get the best. Whether it English, chemistry or any other subject, assignment help can deal with anything as they have the best tutor for every subject like English tutor to make you learn grammar.

However, the considerable fact is that you need to choose your assignment help wisely to get the best out of it.

Below are some tips to help you in this regard.

1.    Do Your Research:

Research is the key to find out any service provider for any of your needs. There is a lot of service providers out there available to help you with your assignment. But the fact is that everyone is not credible and reliable enough to make you get help. In this regard, you need to do proper and detailed research before getting help. Google reviews and social media can help you for researching for any particular service provider of your consideration.

2.    Reputation:

It is another thing that matters. Whenever you are going for an assignment help Malaysia, check on the service provider’s reputation as it should be good enough. It also impacts highly showing you if they are enough to handle your task. You can find out about the reputation on their websites.

3.    Academic Authentication:

When the point is about hiring someone for your academic help, you need to ensure their academic authenticity. It is because claiming with words is something easy, and everyone can do it, but keeping their words and claims is really far, and not everyone can do it. To find out their academic authentication by asking questions about your certain field and checking their reviews and feedback from previous clients. This will help you choose the one that suits you and your needs the best.

4.    Technicalities:

The writing you are hiring for your assignment help should make sure to know about all the technicalities of the work that is needed to get it done. There are a lot of things required to make one assignment, like citations, references, assignment layout, assignment style, etc. Also, the assignment help you are getting should know about the relation and difference between essay, thesis, case studies, and simple articles. This is another thing that helps you to know that you will get your assignment in a perfect way.

The one you are hiring should know each technicality to get your assignment completed in the way it is required.

5.    Help:

Yes, you can also ask the assignment service to help you with a certain subject if you are facing any difficulty. For example, if you need some little help in some of your English thesis, you can ask your service provider to connect you with an English tutor to help in your thesis. The reputable ones always have credible tutors to help the students.

Final Words:

When the point is about hiring the best assignment writing help, so you need to ensure that you have considered all the above-mentioned factors properly. This will surely help you in getting the best service provider out there. Also, do not forget the price factor. The price should justify the services provided and fit your budget too.

How To Choose a Good Chinese Tutor?

If you are willing to study and learn the Chinese language correctly, the key is finding a good Chinese tutor for you. It is the most effective way you can learn and understand the Chinese language. Here in Malaysia, home tuition Penang has the best Chinese mandarin tuition that you can get benefit from.

Besides this, here are some of the tips that can help you choose the best Chinese teacher for yourself.

1.    Customize Your Needs:

Everyone’s learning ways and needs are different. There are some people who can effectively learn and understand in a group of people, but there are some people who can only learn and understand when they are alone. Following this, you need to find a proper mandarin tutor according to the way you learn. If you want to learn Chinese for daily communication, then you need to find yourself an outgoing, talkative Chinese tutor. Also, you need to make sure that he/she is a native Chinese person to make you learn the perfect communication way in Chinese.

2.    Tutor With No Accent:

You should learn standard Chinese that is Mandarin from certain Chinese mandarin tuition. Following this, it is important for you to get a tutor that has no accent and can make you understand. Learning from a tutor with no accent does not let you pick that local Chinese accent alongside helping you master the correct tones and pronunciation.

3.    Patience:

Learning any new language is tough and challenging, and it takes a lot of time to get fluent in it. Following this, your tutor should not rush the process and encourage you to try again and again. Your tutor should explain to you in different words to employ to you a newly learned language.

4.    Variety of Teaching Methods:

Find yourself a mandarin tutor that mixes up teaching methods to make you learn, for example, visual, audial, and contextual. Every student has a different way to learn and understand things. Whatever your learning style is, your tutor should employ a variety of methods to maintain the learning process and motivate you enough to learn new things.

The four major aspects of Chinese language learning are speaking, reading, and learning. One activity can make use of flashcards, the next should include listening and repeating, and the last should be the role-play from a certain real-life scenario.

5.    Fun and Enjoyable:

It is said everywhere that a good teacher is someone that makes the learning process fun and enjoyable. However, sometimes the learning process is not enjoyable at all. In fact, it goes way too boring that you want to fall asleep while the teacher is studying. So, you need to find yourself a mandarin tutor who makes things enjoyable for you. Your class should be entertaining and interesting. A good Chinese tutor should make you learn the language with games, songs, stories, movies, and other interactive activities in the class and as your homework.

6.    Focus on Problematic Areas:

Being a language learner, you completely depend on the expertise and skills of your teacher for the identification of your shortcomings and help in knowing the right language. If you have problems pronouncing certain words’ tones, then your mandarin tutor is responsible for spotting your mistakes and giving you extra practice for pronunciation and listening. This will focus on your problematic area and help you cope up with that.

Final Words:

You should find yourself a mandarin tutor that is accessible to you whenever you need help and kind enough to help you again and again as Chinese is something new to you. At home tuition Penang, you will find all the best tutors that make you understand the language and its critical points correctly and easily.

Help Your Kid in Gaining the Most Benefits of English Writing Classes

Are you one of those parents who are trying to see your kid get success in English writing? If yes, then you are not the one. Most of the parents in Malaysia are working hard to enable their get success in the English language. The curriculum potentially focuses on writing skills. Most parents have a lot of hope and expectation that their kid’s flying imaginations will get in shape in English writing classes as it is under expert guidance from English tutors. Getting into IGCSE tuition Penang is something like this that it has all the expert tutors for your kid. However, but the hopes and expectations of parents can only come true if the parents and teacher both make collective efforts in the learning journey of the kid.

Here are the ways to help your kid get the most out of his English tuition in Kl.

1.    Show Care to Your Kid’s Writing:

Appreciation is the best motivation. Appreciate your kid’s creative ideas about stories and stuff in a specific way. To get to know about the strengths and shortcomings of your kid, notice and recognize your kid’s talent for the creation of unique characters, terrific vocabulary, and funny plots. As the confidence level of your kid gets high, there will not be more enthusiasm for self-expression.

You should encourage your kid to read aloud whatever they wrote. Listen to them carefully without any interruption and then ask a question about their writing, e.g., why this story started or ended this way? Can you make this conflict a bit worse before solving it? And a lot more such questions as these make your kid critically analyze their work alongside they get to know that someone is attending to whatever they have written.

Here at IGCSE tuition Penang, the tutors appreciate and give cues to the kids to introduce their other new ideas for creating new writs.

2.    Creation of Different Writing Avenues:

The best thing that comes under this is a collaborative writing journal. This means that the parents and children take a turn and write down their feelings, thoughts, interesting observations, stories or dialogues in one same journal. Doing this enables the parents to guide their kids and help them in expanding their vocabulary, improving spelling, and the way to free their thoughts for self-expression.

3.    Give Out Space, Time, and Resources for Reading and Writing:

Whenever your primary school kid gets into writing assignments, give them a private space to relax and write away from most of the distractions. This helps them in channelizing their energy in one direction that is actually needed to get done. However, for the kids having a short attention span can only work with taking regular breaks and scaffolding the writing process.

Reading and writing both demands a lot of mental energy because it requires you to do a lot of processing of ideas, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar, all in one head. Therefore, you should let your kid do all this to a point where they can relax, breathe and think freely.

4.    Ask and Discuss The World:

 Arouse your kid’s curiosity by asking some questions that provoke their thoughts about the community and the world. This kind of activity will sharpen their observation skills. Whenever they are writing, they will subconsciously indulge their understanding of the community and people in writing. They will begin observing every little detail about everything going, which is really healthy.

Final Words:

To conclude, both tutors and parents need to make collective efforts to make the kid good at writing. English tuition in Kl incorporates all the best tutors that can help your kid, but you still need to make your efforts to make your kid feel noteworthy and determined about whatever he is doing.


IGCSE is the globally recognized examination affiliated by Cambridge University, and it is equivalent to high school graduation in America. So, if you want to get admitted to a reputable university, IGCSE is crucial. All universities take into account your IGCSE grades for admission, and that is why you must work hard and ace your exams to qualify for the university you are aiming for.

Here we have discussed some tips that will help to improve your study pattern and score good grades. Read on and plan your exam preparations accordingly.

1.    Maintain A Timetable

First things first, maintain a timetable. Maintaining a timetable for your exam preparation is vital. Only you know what time is your most productive time of the day and which subjects need extra attention.

So, build your timetable diligently. Allocate more time to the subjects who need extra attention and less time to the subjects you feel confident in. Also, don’t forget to allocate some breaks between your studying schedules. Breaks are necessary; they refresh your mind, and you feel more focused after breaks.

2.    Identify Your Learning Style

Everyone has their own suitable learning style. Some might learn better when they are in the comfort of their homes, while some think a library is a better place to study. Only you know which style of learning is best for you. So, identifying and taking full advantage of your time and home tuition in Malaysia is your job. No one else would do that for you.

3.    Consider Taking Notes

You might feel that it is an easy topic, and you have fully grasped its concept. However, the mind is a complex creation; you might think that you will remember it later, but sometimes you would do, and sometimes you would not.

That is why we recommend you to take notes while taking a class at your school or taking IGCSE tuition Penang. This will not only help you in revisions but will also help you in memorizing difficult concepts.

4.    Practice

You might have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Well, no one can deny this fact. So, start practicing those past papers and get yourself accustomed to the exam pattern.

While notebook exercises are good to check your knowledge, past exam papers are the real deal. They will help you understand the exam pattern and make you familiar with the difficulty level of the questions.

You can easily find Cambridge IGCSE past papers online. Solve as many as possible and do it like you will do it in the exam hall with all the exam restrictions.

5.    Hire a Tutor From Home Tuition Malaysia

Lastly, if you lack any subject and feel you need extra attention and effort for that particular subject, hire a private tutor. A private tutor would identify your weaknesses and put in all the effort required to ace the exams.

So, if you want to hire a private tutor in Malaysia, contact Home Tuition Malaysia. We are the leading private tuition agency in Malaysia. All our tutors are highly qualified and possess years of experience.


Home tuitions are gaining popularity every day, and the prime reason behind its success is proved results in the shape of better grades and improved confidence in the child.

However, many factors make home tuitions Penang a success, and you must keep them in mind while hiring a private English or Maths and add maths tuition in Kuala Lumpur.

Don’t know what the key factors for private tuitions to be successful are?

Don’t worry!! Here we have compiled some tips to help make most of your private tuitions and learn effectively.

1.    Know Your Learning Style

Every child has a different learning style. Some might be visual learners; they learn better when they see things being done in front of them. Some might be auditory learners who only need a verbal explanation to grasp new concepts. And some might be Kinaesthetic learners, and these are the students who learn from practical.

So, before hiring a tutor for math and add math tuition in Kuala Lumpur, you should identify your learning style and then search for a tutor who caters to your needs.

2.    Know Your Weaknesses

Just like identifying your learning style is an important step, identifying your weaknesses is also vital. If you are weak in trigonometry and hire a famous tutor for teaching add math to students, you will be at a loss.

Therefore, we recommend you highlight your weak areas in a subject and then hire a tutor who is a master in that particular skill. This way, you will be able to utilize your home tuition Penang to its full extent.

3.    Read A Little About The Topic Before The Tuition Class

Try to read a little about the topic before your private tuition classes. This will give you an idea about what is going to be taught and at what points are difficult. So, you will be able to ask your tutor for extra time if you feel the topic is difficult and needs extra time.

4.    Take notes while studying.

Your mind is the most complex part of your body. Sometimes you feel you have understood the concept, but when you go through it after some time, your mind fails to recall all the important points.

Therefore, we recommend taking notes and writing down all the important points in a notebook for future reference. All writing down stuff is the best practice to memorize key points.

5.    Ask Questions

Asking questions is a great practice to clear your doubts and memorizing what you have learned. So, don’t ever hesitate to ask questions from your teacher.

You might think that asking questions would make you sound stupid in front of the teacher, but that is the benefit of home tuition Penang. You can ask all sorts of questions from your teacher, and he will answer your question to make you understand better without doubting your learning ability.

We hope our guide would help you take full advantage of your private home tuition classes in Penang, Kuala Lumpur. So, if you have made up your mind and are looking for a home tutor, consult Home Tuition Malaysia. We are the leading private tuition agency in KL.

5 Benefits of Hiring Private English Tutor In KL

English is often referred to as a universal language. Whether you plan to travel the world or you are planning to seek admission to top American universities, you will need to master the English language.

You might think that school or other institutes will be enough for your child to learn the all-new language. But you’re mistaken. Every child is different, and they need a different approach to master a language like English. Therefore, we suggest hiring a private tuition KL is the best way of mastering the English language.

Here we are discussing five benefits of hiring a private English tutor for your child. Read on and decide accordingly.

1. Immediate Feedback

English is not a math formula that is applied to every equation. It is a language, and learning a language needs a great deal of effort. With private tuition KL, the tutor would immediately notice where your child went wrong, and he will correct him right away.

2. Personalized Attention

There are tens of students in a classroom, and giving due attention to each student is an impossible task for the teacher. So, if you think your child requires special attention, hiring an English tutor is the best option you have.

An English tutor would give his full attention to your child and make sure that he is on track with his studies and is not distracted by other things.

3. No Embarrassing Situations

Reading and writing are natural skills, and often in schools, when a child is unable to read aloud or fails in creative writing tasks, he is made fun of. This leads to embarrassment and damage to self-confidence.

A private English tutor would not only help your child in areas he is lacking, but he will also help your child to gain confidence and express the areas he lacks in.

4. Customized Learning Plans

Just like no two children of the same age have the same height or weight. Similarly, no two children have the same learning ability. If one child is a quick learner and learns new concepts by simply explaining, it doesn’t mean the other child would also learn the same concept by simple explanation. He might need a detailed analysis of the new concept or need a visual presentation to understand.

With private tuition KL, the tutor would be able to identify the areas in which your child lacks and design a customized learning plan for your child to help him grasp the new concepts quickly.

5. It’s Easy For You

Who wants to take out time from their busy schedule to pick and drop their ward across the city to tuition centers? With private tuition KL, you will be able to avoid the heavy KL traffic and learn the English language from the comfort of your home.

The private English tutor would come to your home on your selected days and at your selected time. You can even ask for a day off if you have any emergency, and your child’s learning would not be affected. He will cover the topic the very next day.

So, if you have made up your mind and are looking for an English tutor, consult Home Tuition Malaysia. We are the leading private tuition agency in KL. Click Here to find a qualified English tutor for all syllabus and levels in Malaysia.


If you ask children studying in the school which subject they find most difficult? The most common answer your will get is English and Mathematics. English being a new language and math being the most demanding subject, require extra time and effort from the child to ace.

And what better way of doing it can be than hiring private math and English tutor. With a private tutor’s special attention and guidance, your child would be able to overcome his weaknesses and pass the exam with flying colours.

But finding a qualified and reliable private maths and English tuition in KL is a difficult task. So, if you are looking for a private English or math and add math tuition in Kuala Lumpur, here are some tips to help you do the tedious task.

1. Know your needs

Some math tutors specialize in certain mathematics disciplines like algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, probability, etc. The same is the case with English tutors. Some might be good at teaching English grammar, and some might be good at teaching English literature. So, it is always better to know what your child is actually lacking in and then start your search for the best tutor. This will minimize your search area and would save you precious time and energy

2. Ask for recommendations

Now that you know what you are looking for, it’s to get your hands dirty. Start by asking your friends whose kids are of the same or in the same school. This would help to find good and reliable home tutors in the field. Asking your child’s friends is also a good way of finding good tutors.

3.   Look Around

Another way is to look around in your neighborhood. Some shops, libraries, and community centers have a bulletin board where you might find home tuition advertisements. But, this way is not reliable. You will have to check the qualifications of the probable math and English tutor and check whether their teaching method is suitable for your child or not. Don’t forget to perform a background check before entrusting your child to anyone.

4.   Ask Your Child’s School Teacher

School teachers know everything about your child. They know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and what method of teaching would be suitable for them. Therefore, asking them for help is probably a good idea. School teachers might not be able to give extra time to your child, but they would definitely know someone who provides English, math, and add math tuitions in Kuala Lumpur and is suitable for your child.

5.   Hire Math and English Tutor at HomeTuition Malaysia.my

Lastly, why not save your precious time and energy, and hire a maths or English tutor in KL from a trusted and reliable online source like Home Tuition Malaysia. HomeTuitionMalaysia.my is home to well-qualified and well-experienced home tutors. All our tutors possess over three years of teaching experience and. We will provide the best home tutors for your child who will improve your child’s academics and boost their confidence level.

Subjects we cover: ·        

English ·        

Mathematics ·        

Mandarin ·        

Bahasa Melayu ·        

Science ·        

Geography ·        

Add math ·        

Physics ·        

Accounts ·        

Chemistry ·        

Biology and others The syllabus we cover: ·        

UPSR ·        

PT3 ·        

SPM ·        

IGCSE ·        

UEC ·        

IB and International Syllabus / A-levels ·        

SAM ·        

Diploma & Degree


Does your child lack in academics?
Does your child need special guidance to ace exams?
Or do you need a private Chinese/Mandarin tuition to get fluent in the language?
Private one-to-one home tuition Penang is your best option.
Many parents are now opting for home tuitions in Malaysia because of their great benefits and remarkable results. Here are the top five benefits of hiring home tuitions Penang, Malaysia.

1. Convenient

Who doesn’t like convenience in life? Picking up and dropping off your ward to a private tuition center during between tough work schedule is a hectic task. Home tuition saves your precious time and energy, which can be wasted while driving through the hustle and bustle of the city. Students get the liberty to study at the comfort of their homes and at their preferred timings and days.

2. Personalized Attention

Students often complain that they do not get the due attention from their respective teachers. This is an issue that is common all around the world and isn’t resolved. With home tuitions, your child would be the center of attention of the teacher. His strengths and weaknesses would be highlighted during one-to-sessions, and the tutor would be able to adhere to your child’s needs.

3. Customized Classes

No one is the king of all trades. Your child can be a master of mathematics, but he might need Chinese/ Mandarin tuition to ace the subject. Unlike schools and coaching institutes, with home tuitions, you have the ease to customize your classes. You can hire a tutor for elective subjects or hire a tutor for a certain period to get your child above the line.

4. Adaptability

Some bad grades are not because of a child’s lack of interest. It can be because of the teaching method. Your child might need visual teaching methods to understand the difficult concepts of chemistry, but the teacher was using theoretical methods. Consequently, the child will fail to grab the concepts, and his grades would be affected. Home tuitions are a great option if your child needs a special learning method or is suffering from any learning disability like dyslexia. A home tutor would adapt to your child’s needs and derive a suitable teaching method for your child.

5. Positive

Environment Schools and classrooms full of students can be stressful experiences for a shy child. He would be uncomfortable during the lectures and would hesitate to ask questions to his teacher. Studying in a familiar and positive environment is essential for such a child. A home tutor would give special to such a child and identify their strength and weaknesses. He will work on the weaknesses and highlight the strengths. As a result, the child would gain confidence in his strengths.

We hope that our guide has cleared all your doubts and you are planning to hire a home tutor for your ward. Home Tuition Malaysia is one of the best in the business. We provide highly qualified home tutors for all subjects and levels. Feel free to contact us to find the best tutor for your child.

Why is IGCSE Tuition Important?

In Malaysia, schools employ various curriculum and examination boards. Each of them offers different syllabuses and subjects based on which a student’s results are assessed. Hence, it has become imperative to choose a curriculum that helps the students establish their skills, enhance abilities, and gain knowledge to keep up with the fast-paced world. One of the internationally recognised and English-based alternatives to secondary education in Malaysia is IGCSE. Students who want to achieve good grades opt for IGCSE tuition in Penang.

What Is IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a British curriculum, recognised in the UK and offered by the Cambridge Examination Board in many countries. IGCSE has a range of subjects to offer, over 70 subjects, for secondary school students. In Malaysia, many international schools might not have all the subjects, but a few of them.

Parents want their children to get the benefit of a program that has an English medium of instruction, recognised globally, and includes the British Curriculum; that is why they prefer the IGCSE program. IGCSE is not entirely an exam-based instructive course; it assesses students through several mediums of assessments, such as presentations, projects, practical assessments, and coursework. It prepares students for their career and advanced studies, and they get an opportunity to show their understanding and learning. After preparing for IGCSE, students can tackle various challenges and develop their skills.

Challenges IGCSE Pose

Along with the benefits, IGCSE also poses some challenges to the students. Due to these difficulties, students need to take IGCSE tuition in Penang for a better

understanding of the subject. Some of these challenges are: ·  Students find it difficult to focus on research and independent learning required in IGCSE · If

students switch to IGCSE after seven years, they will go through a lot of struggle to catch up with other students due to a weak foundation ·  Many Malaysian students may find the English medium of instruction hard to adapt to ·   Students have to take a minimum of seven subjects, and the more subjects they take, the

complex the learning will become

Importance of IGCSE Tuition in Penang

IGCSE tuition in Penang equips students with the necessary resources and helps them excel in their academics. It helps them gain a better understanding of the subjects, comprehend the topics, develop learning skills, and improve their confidence. With individualised attention, students are enabled to overcome all the challenges

of the IGCSE exam. Tuition facilitates students in building skills and helps them use the extra time to get the highest grades. Choose Home Tuition Malaysia At Home Tuition Malaysia, we have hired the most competent tutors for IGCSE tuition in Penang. We help students in tackling all the challenges and overcome

their weaknesses to get the highest grades. With our experienced IGCSE tutors, we will fulfil students’ all learning requirements.

Why Should You Seek English Tuition in KL?

Math Tuition in Kuala Lumpur

Why Should You Seek English Tuition in KL?

Math Tuition in Kuala Lumpur

With time, English has taken over the world and become an international language. It has become the sole medium of instruction across many schools in Malaysia. The reason behind English’s popularity is its wide usage in both academic institutions and workplaces, making it essential for everyone to become well versed in the language. Here are some of the factors why you should seek English tuition in KL and learn the English language from a private English tutor.


Improve Your English

The most significant benefit that English tuition in KL provides is the improvement of English language skills and spoken English. People start getting good at written English, but they struggle a lot and make many mistakes when it comes to speaking it. With the help of an English tutor, you can practice both written and spoken English and do special exercises to become fluent in it.

Get a Unique Learning Experience

When you opt for English tuition, you will get a different and unique learning experience. An expert will focus on your English proficiency and tailor the exercises and lessons as per the requirements and individual needs. They ensure that you understand the usage of the language correctly and start learning it with confidence. You can also share any problems with the English tutor, and they will train you according to your abilities.


Academic Performance Will Improve

English is an international language and a medium of instruction in many institutes around the world. For a student, English can play a vital role in improving their academic result significantly. Students who wish to study abroad and want to travel around the world must acquire good English proficiency skills. Otherwise, there are more chances of failure as international universities ask for English proficiency proof. English tuition enables students to understand the grammatical rules and learn English in a proper manner. Thus, they can excel in exams and expect better results wherever they apply.

Get a Better Job

With good written and speaking English, your chances of getting a better job increases. Many jobs require candidates with proper English-speaking skills. It helps companies globalise their business and build work relationships all over the world. By taking English tuitions, you will get many new opportunities and get accepted for the best job.


Personalised Attention

At English tuition in KL, the tutor gives special and individual attention to the students. People who are not comfortable learning amidst the crowd and in a big class can benefit more from tuitions. The tutor pays close attention to each student and caters to individual needs to help them learn. So, you can be relieved and stress-free while learning English in a conducive environment, without any worry about others.


Regular Classes

Learning and practising English is a consistent process. It would help if you exercised English rules the majority of your time to master the language. The moment you break your learning curve, you can facea setback, and your improvement may stop. For the same purpose, you require English classes on a regular basis to keep English in use. English tuitions provide you this opportunity to attend regular classes and get activities or exercises to keep practising in your free time.


Ask Questions Freely

Sometimes, students feel shy and are unable to ask questions in front of a crowd. During English tuitions, they get the freedom to ask questions, develop individualised skills, and clear out any confusion. They can easily remove their doubts and understand the activities and exercises well. It helps them gain confidence in their English language skills, and after that, they can talk to anyone regardless of the person. Thus, their performance improves, and they learn in a more productive manner. Home Tuitions Malaysia provides the best English tutors for English tuition in KL. Contact us if you desire to improve your English and get extensive training in English speaking, comprehension, and writing skills.

Home Tuition Malaysia

Private Tutor Malaysia

We provide home tutors in Malaysia for any subjects under various syllabus includes UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE, O-LEVEL, A-LEVEL. We welcome any parents/students who wish to get a suitable home tutor to contact us. Check home tuition rate in KL, Selangor, Klang, Penang, Johor, Malaysia today. Your trusted tuition agency in Malaysia.


*Tuition fee is based on the frequency of tuition and calculated on one basis period of four weeks, but not monthly. – privacy policy

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Best Home Tuition in KL

Does your child need extra time to learn the new concepts? Or do you want your child to get the highest marks and best result in the class? Whatever your intention is private home tuition in KL can provide you with a solution to this problem.

Home Tuition Malaysia is one of the reputational institutes providing the home tutors to help your child in the studies. Our tutors are expert in the field and have years’ experience in teaching, making it easy for them and your child to collaborate and generate the result you had been looking for.

What Subjects Do We Cover?

While hiring the private tuition in KL from Home Tuition Malaysia, you can get an expert for all the easy and tough subjects your child could be struggling with. We believe that no subject is challenging if you get the right guidance for it. Similarly, no subject is easy if you will go overconfident about it and not prepare it well. To provide your child guidance related to History, Geography, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, International Relations, Current Affairs or any other subject, we have the experts. Besides, subjects like English, Chinese, German and French are also taught by the professionals home tutors KL.

What Should You Choose Us?

If you are finding the reasons for approaching Home Tuition Malaysia, then here are some of the essential things to consider

Expert And Professional Teachers:

While getting help from Home Tuition Malaysia, you can get the expert in the field who has handled the problematic concepts during their studies with good grades. So, they can teach your child in the best possible way and instigate confidence to help your kid manage the best results.

Ease of Service:

We provide home tuition facility where our expert teachers can visit your home to provide your child’s necessary coaching. So, you will not have to arrange for the commutation of your young one. Besides, you will not have to tackle any security concerns or other doubts you could be facing. Thus, you can get easy service without any problems just at your doorstep.

Trial Lessons:

We are not encouraging you to hire a home tutor in Malaysia without your satisfaction. You can get free trials from our expert teachers. If your kid is satisfied with the teaching methodology, we can only convert the dealing into a permanent setting. If you aren’t satisfied with a particular teacher for whatever reason, we can offer an alternate teacher the services so that your kid can manage the studies in a comfortable setting.

Affordable Pricing:

We do not want to be an extra burden when providing the home tuition in KL services. Thus our charges are affordable. You will get the best value for your money, and your kid’s upcoming results would be proof of it. If you need any information regarding the private tuition in KL or want to hire a home tutor Malaysia, give a call to Home Tuition Malaysia, and we will be there to help.

Assignment help Malaysia

Get Assignment Help in Malaysia

Have your assignments gotten too tough or you don’t have the time to complete your homework? In any case, Home Tuition Malaysia has got you covered. We help you solve assignments to ensure that you submit your homework on time and don’t have to face any consequences.

Make Your Assignment Easy:

In challenging assignments, we can provide help in researching the topic and assist you in developing your thesis statement for your papers. This can reduce your workload, and you can focus on learning. Besides, getting our help can also ensure that you are doing things the right away.

Get Good Grade:

Your school or college teachers won’t provide help in assignments beyond a certain level, but our experts at Home Tuition can do it pretty well. They can guide you with your assignments rubric and suggest the changes you can make to get a better grade.

Editing Services:

One of the essential components of getting the assignment right is its proper editing. While writing your assignment, you might leave specific errors, costing you your potential marks or grades. To help you with this issue, you can get editing services in assignment help domain and our experts would take it from there.

Multiple Subjects Covered:

You don’t have to worry about the difficult subjects as well. Assignment help from Home Tuition Malaysia can cater to all the subjects and all the degree levels. You only have to contact us and share your requirements to get the best results.

Deadline Management:

Are you hiring the assignment help experts to meet the deadline? Then you are in the right place. We can handle the assignments even with tight deadlines, and we don’t compromise on the quality. We find the experts in the field who can guarantee timely submissions so that you can honor your deadlines.

Plagiarism Management:

Have you written an excellent paper but the software is showing plagiarism? The software can sometimes show percentage more than the permissible one accounting for the simple and repetitive words used in your paper. Don’t worry. Our experts can handle it as well. We can guarantee to remove plagiarism to the minimum level, so you can present the excellent paper at your school or university and get the good grades from your efforts. While getting the assignment help from Home Tuition Malaysia, we can solve all these issues and guarantee the best results. To get the quote for your assignment, contact our customer support..


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International & Local Students’ Tutor

Tutor’s Background

Name: Mr Tinosh

Gender: Male

Race : Indian

Self-introduction :

Engineering is my profession. Teaching is my passion. I will always make sure

my students understands particular theory clearly and related it with our daily

life applications.Remember that If one can’t explain it simply , he/she don’t

understand it well enough.


Location: Klang Valley

Level: Secondary ,Pre University & Undergraduates

Subjects : Science Related ( Mathematic,Physics,Chemistry & Biology)

Experienced / Tuition Time /Tuition Fee

Current position: Engineer & Part Time Tutor

Tutoring experience: 7 years

Tuition time :

Monday:  7pm onwards

Tuesday:  7pm onwards

Wednesday:  7pm onwards

Thursday:   7pm onwards

Friday:  7pm onwards

Saturday:  Flexible

Sunday:  Flexible


University: University Of Malaya

Major in University: Chemical Engineering


Phone/Whatsapp : +60 1111518048

Email address: [email protected]


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Full Time Tutor

Tutor Backgound

Name : Koay Song Nee

Gender:  Female

Race : Chinese


I’m a full time tutor that worked in this field for 7 years. My students have improved a lot after my teaching. I’m currently teaching not only face to face tuition but ONLINE tuition as well. I’ll use an interesting and suitable way to help your kid to improve.


Location: Penang Island

Level: Primary, Secondary, Pre-U (UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE, IB, EDEXCEL, CIE, UEC)

Subjects : Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Science , Physics, Chemistry, Malay, Mandarin

Experience/ Tuition Time

Current position: Full time tutor

Tutoring experience: 7 years

Tuition time : To be discussed.


University: UTAR

Major in University: Actuarial Science


Phone/Whatsapp : 0164223591

Email address: [email protected]

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Siti Natraj

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Chemistry Lecturer/Foundation/ A-level/Tuition centre teacher/ IGCSE /SPM/PT3/ UPSR

Tutor’s Background

Name:  Siti Natrah Abdul Rahman

Gender:  Female

Race :  Malay

Self-introduction :  

1. I am teacher Siti based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. I have   been a teaching for almost 4 years. My expertise is subject   

chemistry. Number of my student so far is around more than 200 and I have been taught them with different level, syllabus and   subject.   

2. Almost 100 % is pass with their subject. 50% managed to score A, 25% managed to score B and the rest is C and D.  

3. My student got C and D is a lot of improvement! when from fail   subject managed to score very well! eventhough they are just only C and D. Here is like special case where I only managed to teach them last minute when parents suddenly request for me to teach their kids. There is special skill is needed on how to make sure student is motivate. With guidance and a lot of exercise, it is very helpful for student.   

4. Besides that, I had many attended many training programmes for teaching to improve teaching skill.


Location: Ara Damansara, Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya (any related area nearby)

Level: Pre – school, UPSR, PT3, SPM, IGCSE , A-level

Subjects : BM, Math, Chemistry, Addmath, Physics, Pendidikan Islam, Science

Experienced / Tuition Time

Current Position : Lecturer in UniKL (part time) & Full time in tutor

Tutoring Experience : Almost 4 years

Tuition Time : Monday- Sunday (Any time )


University : Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

Major in University: Degree in Chemical Engineering Chemical and Process

Minor in University : Chemical Engineering


Phone/Whatsapp : 011-10543141

Email address: [email protected]

Damon Lim

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Tutor’s Background

Name : Damon Lim

Gender:  Male

Race : Chinese

Self-introduction :

Young but experienced mathematics tutor who graduated as Actuarial Science. During high school time, I’ve start coaching life to classmates. Was in government school took Mathematics and Additional Mathematics (English syllabus), but all mathematics are in same foundation, IGCSE & IB is not exclusion. Currently working as Automation & Data Processing Specialist, where using programming to solve all kind of problems, running redundant work at backend without supervision. How’s this benefit to student? A good picture to student to know the current worklife, what’s next to them, and student could set their own goal, as I’m strongly believe student in good result all is about themselves, tutor just a guidance. 



Cheras, Sunway, Bukit Jalil, OUG, Sri Petaling, Puchong, Bangsar, Kuchai Lama

Level: All level of Mathematics, up to foundation level

Subjects : Mathematics (English syllabus), Additional Mathematics (English syllabus)

Experience/ Tuition Fee

Current position: Automation & Data Processing Specialist

Tutoring experience:3 years (excluding coaching during high school study time)

Tuition time :

Monday: After 6pm

Tuesday: After 6pm

Wednesday: After 6pm

Friday: After 6pm

Saturday: before 12pmSunday: After 7pm


University: UCSI University

Major in University: Actuarial Science

Others: Data Programming


Phone/Whatsapp : +6016 7848 580

Email address: [email protected]